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Representative images submitted for Art Around the Park, Dec. 2012          11-15-12

Of these 15, most are already framed or mounted, ready to hang. Others, not shown here,

are also ready to hang.  Many other images can be printed and mounted if needed.

More details (dimensions, etc.), supplied on request



Driftwood wind impression, Hackensack Meadowlands


Ghost Lake, pre-dawn mist, Jenny Jump State Forest


Great blue heron shading chick on nest, Venice, Florida


Old cherry tree, Skylands Manor, infrared photograph


Jamaica "El" near Williamsburgh Bridge, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Ken Lockwood Gorge, "Arching Branches"


Male wood duck in breeding plumage


Long Valley from Schooleys Mountain


New York skyline from Ramapo Mountain State Forest, NJ Highlands


New York skyline from Turkey Mountain, NJ Highlands



Palisades, top of cliffs at dawn


Purple beech in winter


Purple beech with emerging leaves


Ramapo Lake, autumn peninsula, NJ Highlands


Red and green Japanese maples, Willowwood Arboretum

(Last image)